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Thread: Gnutella?

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    wats the best clean gnutella client, if there is any. and if there is can someone post a link for it. it would be much help and thank you in advance
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    shareaza hands down

    get it and more at my site
    or their site

    You can download/upload from the EDonkey2000, Gnutella, BitTorrent and Gnutella2 (G2) Networks

    Click it, just one click, click it I know ya want to

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    The best should be Bearshare for the speed , interface & options , but has spyware .Download the clean version from here.

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    i downloaded clean bearshare and it says that i need to upgrade so do i upgrade or not the program does not work if i dont upgrade
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    I say nevermind about Bearshare !!
    Shareaza is better (the new version out last week), it connects to G1 and G2, as well as edonkey and you can get torrent files aswell.

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    Can dowload Shareaza from e2Dk network fast as Overnet ?

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    for me its gift that connect to fastrack ( bester than kazaa) , gnnutella, and openFt ( a better Fattrack )


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