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Thread: Help?

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    hello there ..
    i just will make it short ..idownloaded this movie aight ...and after i reached 85 % of the movies it just wrote failed..
    the problem now is that i have the incomplete movie in my shared folder but i dont have it in the trafic
    P.S i put the file as hidden while downloading i sthat going to do with anything ...
    halla at me
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    Check available space on your hard drive as that may be the problem, but not sure what you mean by putting file as hidden while downloading. How (and why) did you do that?

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    hiding the file i am not sure if it hinders with the change the file attribute and check if it works.another thing you can do is use kazaa corruption fixer this will surely resume your download.
    download it from here.
    check for documentation here.
    Read the documrntation and make sure you have backup if you are new to or not sure of KCF.


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