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Thread: Just A Simple Question

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    I really like Shareaza but i don't use because i don't like beta's .Why so many beta's ? When the hell is going final ? I begin to be really bored to wait so much. I think are almoust two years from the first beta and is still beta right now , seems to be Longhorn.

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    Yeah, i've been wondering the same thing for a while now... whats up with all these damn public betas??

    We are just guinea pigs for the raza devs, I guess.

    Anyway, when they finally decide to go final, it should be one helluva stable client, eh?

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    You gotta admit that their betas are better than most final versions of other P2P programs.

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    They've gone through so many betas because they've added Unicode (which shouldn't work on Windows 95, but they some how coded it to), two new nets, and have changed the way shareaza saves the partial files. Mike has also tried to make it more stable and use less RAM and CPU


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