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Thread: Cant Copy Dido Cd

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    I have a copy of Dido - Life for Rent. It plays fine on all CD players in the house but my PC CD player from which I want to copy to HD for WMP and mp3 player.
    The problem is it skips bits, and after changing CD and the same happening I conclude it must be some kind of encrytption.
    The case says OK for playing on CD. I have tried making a straight copy to CDRW but the problem is copied as well. The CD has a video elementwhich tries to install a player, but on advice if I hold down shift key whilst inserting CD this bypasses that. I cannot ever see the individual tracks when using explorer and now know of any way to copy it.
    Any ideas please

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    try to 'RIP' your cd to your HD with:

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    The tracks are not visible as files like normal CD's- I think it's because there is a video component to this CD. I have used Nero and burned a copy, but the encryption problem was written as well.

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    Thanks for the link to BMG. I see the point in protecting CD's with encryption to prevent copying. My issue is that I cannot play the CD on my PC CD player although it says OK for PC playing on the cover. I can play it but it has pauses on it. Yes BMG is marked on the cover. This shouldn't prevent me playing it.


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