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Thread: How Do I Make A Program To Write Bytes

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    OK guys, you know when you download a No-cd crack and when you run it, it writes/overwrites bytes ??

    How can i make one ??

    Can i make one with VB ?? or is their already a byte changer already that you can export into a patch or something ??

    I am extremely new to Visual Basic (or any other language )

    I know exactly what bytes i want to change and with what.

    I was using a hex editor to do it, but then i thought of this idea.

    (its a secret )

    So can you guys gimme a hand ?

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    I dont know c+
    but try fooling with Neobook (get older free version)
    dont be fooled by its look - its able to do what you want just need to knw how

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    Thanks Zedaxax i just download that program.

    Looks like a very good program.

    I hope i can figure out how to make this thing.

    Basically this is what i want it to do.

    Damn forgot to add the open button

    I want to open up the exe i want to modify the track names to something i want and then when you click update, it wrights to the exe

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    not totally sure what you want to do
    - youwant thactual songs inserted or just the track titles
    ( if its just the titles why not simply use a playlst editor)

    with neobook-u can actually put the songs into the exe file
    either-make button-right clik-button action- play audio
    write track names over hidden buttons- button action-play audio

    when finished-goto book-compile- as exe

    the update button is beyond my league- but probably -write string into application...

    also save as project -

    i use it for presenting movies-portfolio in tight exe file

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    Ok this is what im doing.

    On need for speed underground, you can get a music importer to replace the shit music with your own but the titles dont change. They stay the same even though changed the actuall track.

    I want to make a program so i can open up the exe and when i do, it lists the track names like in that pic above and then when i click on one of the track titles, i can change the name of it.

    I just put track1, track2, track3 just as example.

    In need for speed underground, they have actuall names from the original tracks.

    I can do this for my self by using a hex editor, but i was thinking it would be cool for people that want to change the track names without having to use a hex editor

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    This a little bit beyond my league - it must be super easy.

    With my minimal knowledge - i can try it noob mode

    where in the hex editor (which line\number) are the names found?
    where can i get a copy of an example of such a exe file?

    (hopefully a pro will pop up soon)
    why dont you ask at some programming forum?
    such as

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    Yeah it must be very very .easy Just got to stuff around with it for a bit.

    This is just one of the track titles i would like to be able to change.

    Im getting close to fuguring this neobook out

    Ill ask in that forum and see if it would be easier in vb (wich i doubt)

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    Alright, I'm gonna take a crack at this. I know how to program fairly well in VB.

    I was thinking that you could opne the .exe file in VB and store each item in an array of strings. then go through each string and see if it matches the song title you want to replace. once the string is found, you can output the same strings in a different file up until the matching song title string. replace that string with whatever you want and then output the remainder of the array.

    i haven't actually tried this method with any data, but just try to look at it logically. step by step.

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    Evil Gemini

    So....did you manage to work it out?


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