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Thread: Someone Is Searching For Information On Me

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    My friend who hosts a family webpage emailed me that he checked his webalizer ( what ever that is ) and someone has been checking on me. Can a third party check what I have been downloading from Kazaa?

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    Not after its already been downloaded - the only way to read the contents of your hard drive is to hack. Hacking is itself illegal, so no-one can actually use that infomation. Yay.

    In theory someone could monitor your files in progress by intercepting the traffic between you and the other peer. *BUT* the only reliable place to do that would be at your ISP, and if your isp was scanning you, they wouldn't leave traces like that. Heck, they wouldn't need to - they already know who you are.

    Wouldn't worry too much, could just be a curious browser or something, Someone you know at work looking for a laugh? A stalker, maybe? Or you might have a long-lost-brother you never knew you had looking for you.


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