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Thread: Nokia N-gage .jad And .jar Games

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    I think .JAD and .JAR are the file formats but how do i install them on my n-gage please someone help me.

    Also is there a way to play n-gage games on a nokia 6600 seeming im getting a 6600 this weekend
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    the games will play on nokia 3650 and 6600 phones

    to install them you gotta have some program called blizzard n-gage installer or something i cant remember

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    wat bout the jar files of games in other models ive got 6610. wat do i do?

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    Is there an emulator to play the roms on PC?

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    i have a 3650 myself and a very close friend who has a 6600.

    3650 can play sonicN and puyo puyo
    6600 can play ALL of them.

    you need to get the blizzard installer. i know it sounds wierd but search kazaa and files like 9 in one file n gage cracked come up and they have all the big games (tony hawk, tomb raider, red faction etc etc) and the blz installer

    and anyway someone asked this about 4-5 days ago and i posted a step by step guide on how to do it all.



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