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Thread: Suspicious Files

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    WHenever my PC boots up it says it can not find system32.exe. PC works fine after I click OK. Isnt that impossible?

    In my task manager there 2 entries with 320825.exe and 1024542.exe running. and in my system32 folder there are several folders and files with this digit.exe. Looks to me that there is something fishy in PC? anyone have any clue?

    BTW iam running XP pro
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    a) virus scan
    B) ad/spyware scan

    search for 'adawre' and 'spybot search and destroy'
    both are free, and update your virus defs & scan
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    it is a virus, update your antivirus and then run a full system scan. It may be THIS ONE or variants of it. You can search at for more info


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