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Thread: Search Engine Submission

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    what's the best way to get your website into search engines?

    any software?


    I have meta tags and submitted a request to google, all other "free" search submissions are basically scams. any thoughts? suggestions?

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    They are not really scams. If you go into the search engine page itself and if they have a link to submit then submit your own. Be sure not to submit it multiple times otherwise it is recognized as spam.

    Using good meta words and description is a good idea. One trick I learned over few years about google bot is try using external links than internal for your pages.

    So if you are in your main page and linking to say Customer page. So you would go about doing to "Customer.html" or whatever. instead of that try linking it to ""

    The more external sites come to your site and he more your site goes to external sites give you a higher ranking in goole. This might not be all true but it has worked many times, and many developers believe that too.

    For more info, I would recommend you going here.

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