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Thread: More Resources Needed

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    Hi Everyone.
    I am having a problem with most users on kazaa.
    As soon as i try to download i am getting more resources needed.
    I was wondering how these people are blocking me - is it because i have a master 1000 participation level and not a supreme being 1000 participation level or are the somehow blocking kazaalite++ users ?
    Is there a way around this blocking ?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    jump to supernode

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    Sorry about this serotollerance, i dont want to mess up.
    How do i jump to supernode i can see the list but what do i have to do.
    Many thanks.

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    File > jump supernode

    You also could be downloading a popular file that a lot of people are trying to get also and the people dont have any open slots.


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