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Thread: Strange Files ?

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    Hi Im new to shareaza ,
    I am down loading a film but unlike klite it isnt one file it is a batch of files , some are .nfo some are .bin and some are .cue files ,
    What do I do with these files so I can watch the film ?

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    1 Use nero to burn them to a disc
    2 Mount them with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% so you can watch them
    3 Use VCDGear to convert them to watchable Mpeg movies

    Usually if you open the NFO file with notepad it has detailed instructions on what to do with the files youve recieved

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    Originally posted by DVD PIRATE III@6 January 2004 - 23:02
    2 Mount them with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% so you can watch them
    To clarify, that means download Daemon Tools and point them to the cue file which will then act as a virtual CD/DvD-rom drive.

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    Yes, but you point it to the cue file that loads the information the virtual drive needs to read the "bin" file..
    if that doesnt start it just point it to the bin file

    EDIT: Daemon tools is freeware and youd be better off getting it from the creators website rather than using a file sharing program to download it

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    Could this be another job for the mighty Bin Cue Iso link in my sig?

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    Cheers , Ill give these ideas a try.

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    yes, exactly.

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    Just thoght Id tell you all these worked fine , I used the cue to burn the bin , I used Daemon tools to access the bin through the cue , I also found a freeware called isobuster that opens an iso in a similar way to the way winrar works and I found a use for Image Drive which comes packaged with Nero it gives you two virtual drives that you can mount iso images to similar to Deamon tools.
    Thanks everyone .

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    VLC player can play .bin files directly if it is a movie



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