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Thread: Not Sharing Any Files?

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    Ok this started like 2 days ago all of the sudden I was disconnected and when i reconnected it says not sharing any files. I double checked all of my settings and crap and everything if fine. The only thing is all of these files i deleted are still showing up in my shared folder and when i click on them to play them they dont even exist. This has pissed me off enough to reinstall kazza lite and diet k and everythin w/ no luck. Also just recently when i start kazaa i automaticly get an error message saying "file read error". oh yeah im using kazaa lite v. 2.4.3

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    Close K-Lite. Find and delete all. dbb files. Launch K-Lite. This may help with "not sharing" problem.

    File read error may mean that you have a corrupted file in your "My Shared Folder" folder. Remove all .dat (unfinished downloads) files from there and launch K-Lite. If it helps, put .dat files bakc one by one and see which one of them are corrupted. Delete corrupted. This may help with "file read error" problem.

    BTW. I don't think that you realy have to use Diet Kazaa with K-Lite 2.4.3


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