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Thread: Windows Xp Pro

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    I am getting this off of IRC right now. when i am done getting it, is there anything that i am going to have to do? do i need to patch it with anything or just get a keygen and use that when i install it on my other PC?

    I am just wondering because i don't want to get and then be totally clueless on what to do

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    Is it a Iso? if so just burn it to a disc and it should be bootable.Then all you need to do is set your other comp to boot from cd(in the Bios) and your away

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    Just hope that the person who did it remember's to add the Serial with it, or go hunting for one.

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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    If you don't hae a Corp serial, search for the bluelist keygen.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?

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    Ill save ya the trouble if your in a rush..PM if ya want a key


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