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Thread: I Want To Seed...

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    I'm just about done a 2gb file off shadow. I used the isdn/dialup cheat, and now I want to remove all upload limits and leave it for a while.

    2 quick questions:

    a) how long should I leave the window open with no upload restrictions to not be considered a "leecher"/"cheater"

    B) will this affect my share rating for future downloads?

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    as long as you can, but at least 1 to 1 is fair in my book

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    A ratio of 1:1 is ok but if youve got a good heart youll leave it on to you need to reboot next...
    I try and make sure theres always at least 5 other seeds if im gonna turn mine off

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    Set it "T1" and Superseed for max uploading B)

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