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Thread: How Do I Watch Movies From Bittorrent

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    I'm new at this so can any one help me?

    I just finish downloading The Samuria using bittorrent and i want to know how can
    i change the file type to a video file like avi, mpeg... etc, so i can play it on windows media player, instead of using video lan.

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    Those are bins and cues those are meant to burn to cd but if u don't want to or can't put them on cd u can download a program named winIso or IsoBuster and u can extract the movie file out and then u can watch on the comp.

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    videolan <--------------

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    like the post above said just use videolan.

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    or you can use vcdgear to extract the mpeg and use media player as you wish. Easy program to use.
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    Or you can use Alcohol120% to mount the image files
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