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Thread: Problem With Clean Kmd

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    Just installed Clean KMD 244, everythings fine except when i use this board, everytime i want to look at a page, i get IE script error, then after i`ve looked at a few pages i have to log in again?

    I`ve searched the forum for answers but getting fed up of clicking on error message and logging in every few minutes........

    Edit......Also, now some of the users sigs have disappeared, including my own!

    Well, you have to laugh..........

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    Joakim Agren's Avatar Superman loves P2P
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    Uninstall that shit and start using Kazaa Lite 2.4.1 or newer.!Then use Ad Aware to remove the spyware!.

    There is nothing wrong with this forums scripts!

    [Edit] Just saw that you were talking about the clean version sorry! no spy in that it is basically the same as Kazaa lite[/Edit]

    However I have no problem visiting this site!

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!

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    Uninstall that shit
    What do you mean?

    Just read that this is currently the best version?

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    Clean KMD? wot the fuk is that?
    LMAO at people rushing around downloading 10 different versions of kazaa that are available...
    I hate to be the bearer of bad news people...but someones gotta say it..i think the partys over and everybodys still dancing to non-existent music
    Im off for greener pastures..Last person off this boat please turn out the lights...

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    Go to Internet Explorer options and turn off javascript errors.

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    Go to Internet Explorer options and turn off javascript errors.
    Sorry for being a dumbass, but where do i go to do this?

    Edit. Problem sorted, just changed board skin.


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