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Thread: File Conversions

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    I have been reading the internet on this issue but I am not really satisfied. I decided to ask the masters in the subject. I need to achieve the following .. what software do you suggest??

    DVD -> avi or divx
    Audio CD -> mp3 songs
    mp3 songs -> Audio CD

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Read the pinned topic.

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    Originally posted by nevkazaa@7 January 2004 - 10:09
    I have been reading the internet on this issue but I am not really satisfied.  I decided to ask the masters in the subject.  I need to achieve the following .. what software do you suggest??

    DVD -> avi or divx
    Audio CD -> mp3 songs
    mp3 songs -> Audio CD

    Any help is appreciated.
    Ok, I will try to help as far as I can.

    DVD to AVI (DivX)
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: DivX is a kind of compression fromat for avi files. So what to do you need if you need if you have a bought or rented DVD and you want to save (rip) it as *.avi? I normally prefer going through this steps:

    Make sure you have enough space on your HD (Hard Disk) as the main film
    of a DVD could take some 5 - 7 GB.

    Download DVD Decrypter from here: DVD Decrypter After you installed it, put your DVD in your DVD (ROM) Drive and start the tool. Now it should automatically should mark all the main Movie Files. If not, you probably should point manually to your DVD Drive. Then just click the ICON:
    DVD to PC. Now all the *.vob (movie files) will be saved on your HD in a directory named after the movie. This step can take up to one hour.

    Download EasyDivX from - Normally there is actual
    DivX Codec with the installer. After you installed it you can start it - you will
    go through a few steps, in which you choose where the files of the movie located (just choose the directory from "2."!, you also can make divx directly from DVD, but it does not work for me.) which language and so on. When you look at the languages DVD's show the following: 80x8 or so. If you first choose directly divx making in the first step, means choosing the files on the DVD directly. You wil get the info which language track is your wanted language: "80x8 English". Then go back to first step, choose files from HD again, and choose 80x8

    *** Easydivx automatically will create an avi file and an audio file. In the next step
    you will have to bring (mux) both files to one avi with audio.

    Easydivx will take some 4 hours normally on my 800Mhz - Win98.

    Download SubMux Version 2.05 from: (self - extracting)
    Install and Start it (c:\submux...). Start Windows Explorer. Go the directory where the avi and wav files were created by Easydivx (there are 2 wav files: use the smaller one&#33 and drag&drop wav&avi in SubMux Window. Click Mux to bring both files together. Settings ar normally ok. Only at some DVDs there might be some smaller issues that audio is not synchronically to video.

    Open Winamp, BSPlayer (Look on google&#33 or Windows Media Player to play
    your new avi file

    Enjoy your DivX!

    Audio CD tomp3 songs
    NOTICE: If the CD is protected, you might using some cracks probably.
    Ok, that is more easily: search for "audiograbber" on K-Lite and download a version called FULL 1.81 (plus serial) - loook out for a program called "BlackList Remover.EXE" and copy this tool in the directroy of your Audiograbber, normally c:\audiograbber and start it. It is a part to crack the program. Then start Audiograbber and enter the serial. If you insert a CD now and click refresh it will search a database (a database with tracklists where everyone can use an add new tracklists to&#33 for the track names. When you click Grab it will save tracks as WMV Files - In Option or so there is the possibility to directly rip to MP3. normally 128Kbps

    You also can find Audiograbber at and this tool is
    its money worth.

    mp3 songs toAudio CD
    You need a CD burnder for this. Download Nero from Kazaa Lite K++. It is a tool you can burn different kind of CDs - after installing, start it choose "Audio CD" and drag&drop the mp3 files to your empty CD - then: Burn CD.

    Just PM me if you need more help.

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    Thanks .. that info is great.

    Will try it our immediately .. honestly I tought the process was more straight forward

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    Dr DivX 1.0.4 is a lot easier to use in terms of DVD to Avi..
    Once having ripped your DVD with the fore mentioned DVD-Decrypter, its a simple 3 step method that takes roughly 2 & a Half hours on a P4 2.8, Theres no need to mess around muxing the audio in as it does it on the fly, so the end result is a lot faster and easier


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