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Thread: Grandad Needs Help

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    just recently upgraded to two drives . since i have done this all my downloads when completed seem to dissapear never to be seen again .please someone help

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    if you changed your download folder, the files you started before changing it will be moved to the OLD download folder when complete, if the folder no longer exists you might need to rename the completed .dat files manually (if theyre still in your new download folder)

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    I agree with Vargas. I use 2 drives but have moved my downloads to the new drive i.e, to D. Having put a new folder on it and named it mp3's. Using options>Kazaa lite K ++ options> traffic I manually browsed to my new folder and selected that as to where my downloads go and clicked apply.

    I then used windows explorer to cut all the files from the old folder and pasted them into my new folder. Then restarted Kazaar. All dowloads recommenced from the new folder on D drive. This way if my C drive goes phut my downloads are relatively safe.

    You could always try a simple search using the search option on the start button and locate your files that way then use the above option to make the folder the default.

    Hope this points you ion the right direction. I'm new to this myself.



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