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Thread: Kazaa Crash After A While

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    Lately, my KaZaA's speed is aspire to zero (0.2 KB etc.) and the program crash after a while, and I get this massage:

    It's happen in ALL versions. (Kazaa lite, Clean KMD etc.)

    + I share a lot of files, 1700 and something, so it isn't the problem.

    Please tell me what to do! I can't download! :helpsmile:

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    Are you on a university/college campus? Maybe they are against filesharing and so they have tried to throttle your download speed?

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    if you are crashing, you could have a corrupt *.dat file. Move your files from your shared folder and then try and restart kazaa lite. Does it still crash. If not then one of those dat files is bad. Also your db folder could be corrupt. You could delete it too and then restart kazaa lite.

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    Originally posted by Sparkle1984@7 January 2004 - 16:52
    Are you on a university/college campus?* Maybe they are against filesharing and so they have tried to throttle your download speed?
    No, I'm in my home.

    And firefox, it's not one of the things that you mentioned.

    thanks anyway

    more ideas?

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    OK here's some more suggestions I found in the K-Lite help files at It's quite long but hopefully the answer is there :

    Kazaa Lite crashes after a while
    Are you using Windows 95, 98 or ME?
    If so, those Operating Systems can only handle a limited number of simultanious connections to the internet. Each program that you have running that connects to the internet uses one or more of these connections. You have to reduce the amount of connections, so that your OS won't crash anymore. You can do that by closing down as many unneeded programs as possible. More importantly: Limit the number of simultanious downloads in Kazaa Lite. Also disable all tools that search for more sources (Speed Up, DietK, Kazap, etc.). This will hopefully solve your problem.

    Another possible reason for the instability can be a too low amount of available system resources and internal memory. Kazaa Lite uses a lot of system resources. Specially when you edit file details in the My Kazaa Lite window. So whenever you have editted a lot of file details, it is a good idea to restart Kazaa Lite to free up the used resources. Also when running Kazaa Lite, always minimize it to systray if you aren't using it. That will save resources too. Best is to put it on another window as the traffic view first. Restarting Kazaa Lite once in a while can help much.

    If you have less than 128 MB internal memory, you might want to consider adding some extra internal memory. This will improve the speed and stability of some programs. Besides memory is very cheap at the moment.

    There is a bug in some old versions of ZoneAlarm Pro that can cause this. Download the latest version of ZoneAlarm.

    Try the solutions from the topic "Things to do when Kazaa Lite crashes, freezes or has other stability problems".

    Things to do when Kazaa Lite crashes, freezes or has other (stability) problems
    Reduce the amount of downloads
    If you have a lot of downloads in your traffic screen, then you should reduce that amount to something below 40. Just move some of the .dat files (partial downloads) out of your download folder into a different folder. You can move them back a few at a time when your other download are finished. Close Kazaa Lite before you move the files.

    Set you upload bandwidth at the correct setting
    If you set your upload bandwidth at unlimited, that may cause stability problems and high CPU usage.

    It is recommended to set your upload bandwidth at about 80% of your maximum upload bandwidth. Run the Configuration Wizard that is included with the latest versions of Kazaa Lite K++ to set the correct upload bandwidth based on your type of Internet connection.

    Also don't set the maximum number of uploads on unlimited. It is better to have set maximum of 10.

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    I tried all of this..
    I think it's something related to my IP or something, because KaZaA isn't working on all the computers in the house.

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    Who is your Internet Sevice Provider then?

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    Local cable company (Matav and Internet Zahav, Israel)

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    have you tried K-Lite v2.6 (its in devs corner)? Tried Uninstalling ALL versions of K-lite and deleting the Db folder?

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    I tried K-lite 2.6. It's not working! :confused: :sneaky1:

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