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Thread: Optimizing

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    For a while now, every time i select for my computer to shutdown i have to play click the close program now button game. Personally im bored of it and want to know how to fix it. If it can be fixed by a simple Diagnostics program, whats the best one for the job? :helpsmile:

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    you could try running windoctor from Norton System works. It runs a check for errors on your registry and lets you fix them.

    EDIT: Scan your computer for viruses, after of course updateing your anti virus software.

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    there's a registry option somewhere, something like 'autoendtask' - just google for it and you should find it

    IMO its better to close everything manually because sometimes i forget to save stuff
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    If you use Norton, just remember to check the 'Let me choose fix' or Norton will, I promise you, do some strange shit. It'll point missing uninstall file shortcuts, for instance, to the wrong one or even to an install file. It just looks for ones with similar names. Trust me, it's annoying as hell to use the uninstall software applet to uninstall a prog you already unistalled and it uninstalls/reinstalls a totally dif app.

    You might also find the hanging app and unistall and reinstall it. That usually fixes it. Usually.

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