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    hi ppl, last night I did the dialup trick while dling a nickelback album, after that I shut off the comp after seeding for only 5 min, because my comp was on all day. now, i want to share the album and seed it today, but how do I do that? and do I just put the mode to seed?

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    wot bittorrent client u using?

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    just start it and save to the location where the complete file is.

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    I didn't like Shadow's for that reason. What you have to do is find the Torrent hyperlink again. That is if you didn't save the .TORRENT document to your had drive. It would be probably be about 20 kb large.

    I use TorrentStorm. It saves the torrent info until you tell it to remove it so you can restart and not worry about finding the hyperlink again to keep seeding.

    Here is torrentstorm

    It can also use Shadow's as the downloader basis, so you can basicly still download using Shadow's Experimental

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