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    hi guys i am looking forward to make a site and i need some layouts for my sites so can anybody tell me where can i find some???

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    i meed a layout in html and not in flash do someone know that where can i find one like

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    Sorry, can't help you that much. I use flash for developing websites. However, if you are serious about designing a website, I would recommend a software package, like Macromedia Dreamweaver MX (comes with Studio, easy to find on Kazaa) or frontpage. As I mentioned Studio MX is excellent. uses framesets, i think.

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    Well, since you want html web templates, do you want them to be framed or not?

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    Lets see here... Since you dont really need framed templates, you can try illusivedesign. They do have a few framed templates here and there but not many. Plus, to find them, just go to html in the menu. If you cant find what you want on this site then you can just use google to find some. Just type in "Free Web Templates" or something...

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    thx that helped me alot


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