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Thread: Mirc

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    i just heard about this i a need a new filesharing app. i currently use SS for music and sharaza for apps. i nedd something for games,movies, and tv shows. well... is mirc good for thoose things? also what are some things i should know about mirc... long queues, slow speed, etc? also i heard that u need 2 buy it. can some1 pl PM me a (rack? THANKS ALOT!

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    no need to buy it but just find a serial for it before the 30 day period end and i just started using mirc and i need to find a serial number too but their are little quenes and slow downloads thats if you have a slow internet connection.
    and mirc is easy chat p2p program thats if you follow krackhead2k3 guide which is located in the mirc forum at the top pins.

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    you dont buy a program to get warez stuff lol or all of us would of bought the new kazaa lite lol

    as ZeroTolerance said get a serial or find a key generatore and u can even get ur name the matching serial

    mIRC will max out ur connection on some pots if u have a decent connection
    mIRC have alot of stuff and mostly uptodate and i personally think warez come out on irc before anything else specially movies
    you might not find tv shows on irc but u will find gamez and movies and some apps and mp3's
    mIRC got sometimes long queues but as i said it will max ur connection and u rarely find a fake files so it is what the name says
    have fun
    mIRC is my first choice most of the times


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