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Thread: Hmmmm

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    bt download files in parts right? so it dont go first middle end, it can be any part in the i was wondering if you're downloading a file w/ no seed, but a lot of peers....could someone from the peers download parts of the file from somebody and another part from somebody else, and finishes the download? then that guy could be the seeder....or is that not possible.

    in case that didnt make sense....

    file nba 2004 is being downloaded w/ no seed

    there are 3 peers, a, b , c

    peer a has the beginning
    peer b has the middle
    peer c has the end

    so if i were to go and download the torrent and start downloading, i could still finish my download w/o any seed right?

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    You don't need seeds to finish a file. Peers can have the right parts of the file you need and you may become a seed first.

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    Most Bt clients can display how much of the file is distributed among the peers it can see, so if 100% of the file is out there your client will display that

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