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Thread: Norton Personal Firewall 2004 Final

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    Does anyone here have Norton Personal Firewall 2004 (v. 7.0) the final version? I need it so i can put it with my norton antivirus 2004 software.

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    dude, youre gonna get bombed for askin that
    dont think theres too many NFW fans here
    why not get sygate? you can get a free one, which is good,
    or a *cough, cough* final version of the pro f/w
    either one is better than norton, IMO
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    does sygate have a pop up blocker?

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    No, sygate doesnt have a pop-up blocker, but it is really good. One of the best firewalls i've used.
    If u want the pop-up blocker then go with zone alarm pro.

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    wut does a firewall do???


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