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Thread: Prank Call Ideas

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    Hey, just bored and have been recording prank calls, needed some good ideas

    Ill prly get flamed but meh

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    Call a woman's house and if a guy picks up, don't let them speak and ask if the woman (say her name) has had the abortion yet.

    And Do I need to copyright Meh?

    Edit: Oh yeah forgot to mention, let the guy say Hello before you stop letting him speak, just to make sure its a guy.

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    lol thnx ill use that one and post it maybe. Dont understand the ip thing but im trying to

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    :helpsmile: Those pranks are awesome, but how do you do it? i mean how long does it take for an operator to come? and then how do you call? maybe im just impatient hehe

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    all i have to say is bitching

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    is there a way i can put an answering machine on my comp to pick up immediatly, so that i could do the ip-relay thing, call myself, and have it leave a message that i could save? Those ones those guys had were awesome, was that a radio station? lol Sweet.

    P.S. ive found some that would work, but they forward the messages to a web server first is there one which would just act like a normal answering machine or do modems not have that capability? Thnx

    PSS Yes i realized what a dumbass i was acting like hehe....

    More... Read the post realized and saw that it was an internet dj

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    Afro Cop knows that he would use the edit button more and use the reply button less

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    under the sea
    afro cop should learn to stfu more.

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    Originally posted by Spider_dude@8 January 2004 - 13:36
    afro cop should learn to stfu more.
    aaah beat me to it - hate the police fuckers

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