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Thread: Bittorent Software

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    Which is the best software to use for bittorent with the least amount of problems ??

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    my guess there ain't "a best" it's probably what you prefer the most.
    Also Bittorrent is a pretty "young tool" people are heavilly developping new stuff!

    Personally i use Torrentstorm atm and like it a lot B)

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    i also prefer abc.

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    Yep ABC

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    Your best bet it to try a few of them out as some run better on differant systems.
    As long as you can max out your connection most or all of the time without using up alot of ram thats the client you want to stick with.
    Have any questions at all about bittorrent stop by the Bittorrent irc channel in my sig theres plenty of experts who can help you there.

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    I would like to find your bittorent icr site how do I do it ?

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    My personal preference at the moment is Azureus

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    I downloaded ABC now where do I go to find out how to use it ?

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    I'll say azureus...a bit slow.I'd offer you a link mate but i havnt got one.

    Mind,i havent tried any of the above mentioned.

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