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Thread: Kazaa Lite Resurrection A Problem

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    well i have just downloaded kazaa lite resurrection, and have installed it. when i open the application/software a file appears on the desktop named "klextlock.dat".

    is there anyway to get rid of this cos each time i delete it or move it to another folder, another appears when i open kazaa lite ressurection again.


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    it keeps resurrecting itself

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    lol is there not anyplace i could put it to stop it from "Resurrecting"

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    yes I have the same problem.

    What is this dat file?

    It contains only the text: KLEX$ 4

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    I had the same problem. It only appears on my desktop when I place a shortcut on my desktop to Kazaa Lite (Klr 248). When I don't create the schortcut the .dat file doesn't appear.

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    so could that be the problem


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