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    ive tried shareaza in the past but ive only just started to use the latest beta's and i just wondered is it any gud with bittorrent's?

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    BitTorrent downloads are consistently the fastest I've seen out of all the networks available to Shareaza..., but there are others here who will recommend other apps, like Shadows client or Torrentstorm.

    It's just a matter of taste and finding the client that suits you.

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    ok thx

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    Check out ABC

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    Nah, dont check out abc, stick with shareaza from what i've heard it's good for BT, but could be better.

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    I think it realy depends on the ratio of seeds/incomplete for your file ....

    Use torrentspy to look it up and if it has more seeds then incompletes sharaza would be better then shadows , just because it connects to many more clients faster.

    But if u got more incompletes shadows better ....

    If your not in a hurry sharaza works fine , especialy if u want to download multiple files from multiple networks @the same time and not have to worry about closing and resuming 5 applications once ur finished gaming

    But basicly BT just gets better speeds if u only use it for 1 file and give it all your upload capacity.

    Hope that helps.


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