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Thread: Sharman Trying To Hack Your P.c.

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    Suffering very slow downloads on fastrack I decided to try Kazaa Media Desktop. I decided to try it using Diet Kazaa. Upon trying to install Kazaa, I got a message flash up from Sharman saying "We have located evidence of an uncertified copy of our software on your computer, we cannot install our software unless you agree to us altering the problems on your PC caused by this" (I had run Kazaa 260 Clean). I agreed to this clicking yes, knowing that if all went wrong I could use Go Back. However I think my firewall must have prevented this as a message came saying they couldnt put things right and the install would cease. I ran all my utilities and reg clean and my system is perfect. What a bloody cheek this is! God knows what alterations to my registry they would have done. Let me warn others of this latest dirty trick by Sharman.

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    i would stick to kazaa lite ressurrection r kazaa lite etc

    also i dont fink diet kazaa gets rid of all spyware etc so i dont really trust it


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