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Thread: Port Forwarding For Ftp

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    OK, I got a router as you probally guessed because I want to forward my port 21 for my FTP server.
    OK, So I did this,

    My router address is,
    My old pc is,
    and my pc (new) the one I want to have my ftp server (bulletproof) is,

    I got port 21 forwarded to
    But when I go to http://217.44.**.** (my ip) I cant connect to it.
    My FTP server dont even say /someone tried to connect to it. So whats going on?
    Why wont it work

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    Your LAN IPs aren't being assigned dynamically, are they?

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    why not put your ip address in the DMZ zone?

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    wat kind of router? if its a linksys theres a guide in bt world

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    FTP uses 2 ports. 1 for control and the other for data tranfer.

    try forwarding ports 6100 to 7000 and ports 21 to 21 and set server to be "passive"

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    Seemed to work.


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