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Thread: I Downloaded 1.2 Gb But Uploaded 3.9 Gb...

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    ok i admit im an extreme bit torrent newb here....

    i understand the whole idea is get rid of the leechers...
    but should i have to upload more than 3 times the file size??

    I have a smokin fast cable connection and I still cant get any kind of speed. My uploads have been avg around 12K while the downloads are lucky to get to 6k

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

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    dont like it then get a shadows client
    set to dial uo isdn and it should go ffaster

    just make sure that when you finish the dl to keep it open for a while so that others can get it too
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    It good to seed at least twice the amount that you downloaded, however, I on the same file, can upload 5times more then what ive downloaded, but that is due to me not being home and my pc running, I home for about 9hours a day, to sleep, shower, and the net,

    if it just happen liked that, its ok, but it is not necessary, unless you are the only seed,
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    *deleted post*
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    Yesterday I uploaded 5,5 GB of a 550 MB file.
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    You can download if people don&#39;t upload&#33; Just think about it... the only reason you can ever get a file is because someone has the same setup. Bit Torrent is meant to keep sharing up, so DL speed is proportional to UL speed. Keep your windows open. Someone had to do it for you to get the file in the first place.

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    The highest share ratio I reached before I got the file was 13.85 when I got Gangster No.1 a while back . The seed stopped for around 281 peers when were at 87% and did not come back for a couple of days. Total nightmare. M

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    Dude, don&#39;t close the box just because you&#39;ve uploaded more than you&#39;ve downloaded... the guy you were uploading to wasn&#39;t leeching, he was just getting his file like you were. I always upload more than I download, but I know for every MB I upload that person has also uploaded. It&#39;s what keeps the system running. Of course once you&#39;ve uploaded at least double what you&#39;ve downloaded then it&#39;s fair to close. But don&#39;t close it straight away, or you&#39;ll be the leecher.

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    Originally posted by Mobas@9 January 2004 - 11:24
    Oh well, I just ain&#39;t going to leave my window open when I&#39;m done. I think I&#39;ve done more then my fare share.
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    *deleted post*
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