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Thread: Why Not Install Kazaa?

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    Yup, you read it right if u like kazaa/kazaa lite why not download the free ad bloated kazaa install it then go and download diet k It seems that most people have forgotton about chip and diet k. Sure its not as good as what kazaa lite had become with all the features but it seems most have totaly forgotton about it.

    Oh yeah also im currently looking for my KLH source ( A program a bit like diet k but instead of a program running its just an xtra menu in kazaa with more options and removes the ad's ect like diet k ) i started this program quite some time ago but then a company i joined with fucked me over ect and then i find out later that the contract i signed was illegal so they didnt get KLH but i think they own the copyright to KLH so i will find tlhe source and might make a new program based on it.

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    ive sin alot of mixed reviews of diet k good and bad

    gunna stick wit kazaa lite ressurrection

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    hmmm well after a day of trying to find my source for KLH i had no luck and i cant realy be bothered making everything again. Also after testing diet k today i want to take back what i said in that post as he has alot of work to do with the new version of kazaa i found so many troubles.

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    Jock Whiteside , what is hapenning with Skinzaa ?

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    Well nothing ATM i dont realy see the point of it, kazaa has gone to shit and also with that company that signed me up im not sure how much they own of skinzaa, copyright ect. I also dont know many people that use skins when using kazaa and I have truned away from kazaa and am starting to realy get into DC++. Also im brushing up my C++ and PHP programming skillz so i dont realy have the time to get back into delphi and finish a program that maybe 2% of the people would use + i dont think i have the source code for it anymore

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    there is a lite version of Kazaa 2.6 avalible guys and it runs a hell of a lot better than DK
    check it out: Link

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    Jock Whiteside?

    Where in the hell have you been?Not seen that name in forever.Is that one Forum of yours still around?

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    Originally posted by Jock Whiteside@8 January 2004 - 17:34
    Yup, you read it right if u like kazaa/kazaa lite why not download the free ad bloated kazaa install it then go and download diet k
    Gotta admit, even though I wasn't using KL++ much before the happenings last Dec., all this talk of new apps made me curious about the state of FT. So, I broke KL++ 2.4.3 out of the garage for a bit of a shakedown and guess what............she ran like a charm.

    I don't have much interest in whats available via FT, but if I did, I think I'd be inclined to stick with KL++ at the moment rather than going over to one of the new apps.
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