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Thread: Whats Happening W/suprnova?

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    when I check on a torrent I want my browser goes crazy it seems
    to be trying to open a porn site derek.dirtysluts or something.

    I got ad block so it never opens completely but I can't go back to suprnova
    it keeps attempting to loop to the porn.

    Is this only happening to me.

    btw It works fine if a rightclick the link and savetarget

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    Use NovaSearch B)

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    Or use novasearch (bad link above )
    Its sounds like supranova desperate for mirrors if it comes to them using pr0n links. Its such a shame, so many people use em but dont donate.

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    it's working as normal now

    I erased all cookies and such

    no more pop ups

    interesting though

    makes me almost want to donate

    it is a shame though


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