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Thread: Slow Internet Connection Issue With Emule, Edonkey

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    Slow internet connection issue with Emule, eDonkey, Overnet.

    I have spent 3 whole days of my life to figure out what the hell is going on with this issue.

    Those who suggest to update your Router's drivers are just bullshitting us unless you have a router of the 60s'.

    In these programs you need to go to network options and set the Max upload speed at an optimum level. Not zero.
    If you fail to do so, you will experience really slow internet connections - A REAL HELL- Believe me. This setting needs to be much less than your actual uploading speed for some reason. Up to half the upload speed you have. If your have ADSL of actual upload speeds at e.g. 100 kbits/s you need to set your program at about 80 kpbits/s or even 60 kbits/s uploading speed. More than that you will experiance real pain in your behind. SLOW BANDWIDTH. Internet will become slow as hell.

    Thats it. Keep it simple. These programs have more secrets than you would dare to think!!!!!!

    I love you all here

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    Off course, but pleas post in a smaller font next time.

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    Nice photo Brooke.... :helpsmile:

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    Originally posted by sweetmom@8 January 2004 - 22:54

    Who's that girl?

    V Nice

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    Originally posted by sweetmom@8 January 2004 - 17:54
    I have spent 3 whole days
    Wanna spend three whole nights?
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    damn sweetmom, that you?
    sorry, im pervin a little

    ummmm.....oh yeah, connection speeds
    i got cable, but dont know the specs,
    so i give em 32 kb/s upload
    dont have any probs surfing, d/l'ing, so i know i'm not capping out
    you just cant give your max for uploading,
    cause our pc still needs some bandwidth for communicating
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    Originally posted by BILLY-THE-FISH@8 January 2004 - 17:17
    Who's that girl?

    Needs to be the cleaning lady

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    Wow Brooke's hot


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