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Thread: Shortcuts And Uninstalling

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    Deleting a shortcut on the desktop will speed up the startup wouldn't it? Can I just delete off the icon to recycle bin if i want startup at faster rate. I'm running on Windows XP home edition. Another problem is that I downloaded this freeware
    'Shortcut to FontMagic' from and i now want to uninstall it, but can't find unistall function and does not appear in Control Panel/
    Add and Remove Programs. How can I go about uninstalling this program now.
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    Deleting a shortcut from your desktop doesnt really affect your startup. Its the programs and services that start on startup that creates a difference.

    Viper has a good section which services to disable Here is the link.

    You can get rid of useless programs from the startup by going to msconfig.
    Start > Run

    You can check which programs are running on the startup and their registry keys if you go to
    Start > Run

    Software Environment > Startup Programs

    Edit: If you dont find any uninstaller in Add Remove in Control Panel and in its directory then check the website for instructions. If nothing is there then just delete the folder where its installed. (C:&#092;Program Files&#092; <Folder>)
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    Originally posted by 99shassan@8 January 2004 - 23:44
    Deleting a shortcut on the desktop will speed up the startup wouldn&#39;t it?
    No, why should it


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