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Thread: Compress Drive?

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    Should i Compress my harddrive? I only have a 4gig hardrive and i need space. What does it do and should i?

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    although you do it a little bit more space compressing isnt a good idea,it slows the hdd down

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    your best bet would be just to anything lol
    even a 10 gig would be more then double what you have now!
    compressing usually isn't a great idea
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    Youll run into major trouble if you compress(completely) the hard drive that your OS resides on..Its ok to compress partitions etc just make sure your OS isnt on it

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    Can you say SSSSLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW, that is what will happen if you compress the hard drive. The reason it slows down, is every time you access a file, it has to uncompress it to use it and then it has to compress it again after it is done. NO do not do it.


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