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    Hello everybody, I have a few quick questions for anybody who is more Kazaa savy than I am. If I wanted to find the origin of a fragmented mpeg file, ( at least it appears to be in a fragmented form, mabey posted that way to Kazaa to begin with ) would that be possible?

    If so, how would I go about doing that? Also, if this file had different sections of it floating around Kazaa, ( ex. I've downloaded a section 2000kb, [independant of the original file ex. the file was originally 5000kb, but has been seperated by other users] but there are other continuations of the file [ex. part 2, 3, etc. ] at least, I assume there are. I may be wrong ) how would I be able to find these files.

    Would I be able to do a cross reference search on Kazaa?

    If anybody has any suggestions I'd be very greatful to hear them. I know you're all probably pretty confused right now, sorry about that.

    The file I'm talking about is entitled " mom and son have sex " , or " Lady gets nailed on the end of bed " , or " Straight - amature couple f***ing " there are quite a few variations of the title, but it's the same file. Anybody got any ideas? Anybody seen other parts to this file I may have missed? A beginning, or an end? I'm very concerned with this file. Does anybody know where is originated?

    Thanks a million people!

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    The file I'm talking about is entitled " mom and son have sex " , or " Lady gets nailed on the end of bed " , or " Straight - amature couple f***ing "

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    Getting to your question though: Just search for the title and it should pop up. Its fragmented because most pr0n sites let users DL in sizes which are reasonable for the 56K.

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    You got a creepy mind there. Shinigami probably answered your other question.

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    I should clear things up here folks. I'm not some wacko pervert, I think the woman is my wife. I just need some more face shots. Or undressing, etc. etc. I've tried everything, but can only find other files of the same thing with different titles. Anybody got any other ideas?

    By the way, what does Imao, and ROFLMFAO stand for?

    Pardon my lack of internet acronyms. LOL <-- I do know that one

    Thanks again

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    get the filenames and try a google search and see if you can find out the original site.

    you must be a strange man if you think you wife is doing porn behind you back.

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    Hello again. I don&#39;t think she&#39;s intentionally doing it. I suspect it was a hidden cam. But who knows, right? Anything&#39;s possible. A show of hands. Who thinks I should just give it up?

    If this is say a hidden Spycam, is it possible to find the source?

    Ever hear of beating a dead horse?


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