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Thread: Good Dvd Burner Software

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    I need software that doesn't have a big warning sign that I copied
    a DVD with its software like X copy does before the actually movie starts.

    I want to remain if you know what I mean.

    ne suggestions

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    Mar 2003
    Almost any burning software burns,authors dvds now mate.Just pick one nero ,ulead ,tmpeg.

    Those logos or watermarks always have an option to disable mate once they're in full version mode.

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    Mar 2003

    AnyDVD 3.2.11 to knock out the copyright.
    CloneDVD to copy the file that AnyDVD
    just dropped on your hard drive.
    perfect copy every time and no splash screen
    and no "watermark" like xcopy x press.
    which means of course you can burn a copy of the "copy".

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    I use DVD-Decrypter to rip the vobs and then burn my DVD..doesnt get much easier than that all with the one program

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    I find DVD Shrink and DVD Copy Express to be very good at copying DVDs and very easy to use. It encodes them and puts them on my hard drive then I burn them with Nero.


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