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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me With Movie File

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    Dec 2003
    I just finished downloading The Last Samurai and the files were pretty weird. When I opened the folder I got these .bin and .cue file. I put the .bin file in virtual daemon and the cd that opened up contained many folders.

    The folders were cdI, Ext, vcd, segment and mpegav. All folder except mpegav were empty or contained .vcd files which were under 70k. The mpegav folder however contained a dat file which was rather large.

    I don't know how to play the movie and would like to find out how so the dl wasn't a waste. Thanks.

    (Please excuse the noobiness of this post)

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    WinDVD or PowerDVD will play those files but you might need to extract them from the bin file first....
    I use VCD Gear to convert the Bin to a mpeg movie file

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    Dec 2003
    I tried playing the vcd and the dat file with power dvd and it didn't work. So I should get vcd gear to turn the bin or cue nto a movie file?

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    you can play the bin with videolan

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    It's a CD image. Burn it with Nero or something.

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    or get vcdgear that will convert the dat file back to mpeg. and then it should paly in windows foe , thats if u have the right codecs to play it with
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    if he mounted it
    assuming he doesn't want to play it in videolan like everyone else
    all he has to do is open the mpegav folder and play it in WMP
    no need to wast time and hd space extracting anything, reminds me of all the people who think they should extract bins or convert to iso's
    learn how to do things correctly and you won't have to waste HD space and your time

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    what they said ^^^^^^^


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