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Thread: Asf Files?

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    I have downloaded a couple of different movies lately that end in the file extension asf.I have tried Windows Media Player,which asked for a liscensing code that it had to get from the owner,Winamp,bsplayer,quicktime player,avi player and KMD theatre player,none of which will play the file.Does anyone PLEASE know a way to play these files?I have noticed that a lot of people that are sharing the files that I want are using this format now.I went to a Kazaaa Lite chatroom and someone there said to stay away from this kind of file,but the thing is that when I do enough searches for the movie I want I see that there are about 5000 files with the asf extension,so there must be saome way to wtch these movies.[COLOR=orange]

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    By default Windows should play them I think alot of these are fakes give VidoeLan a go might work for you.
    Unless they have a "drm" built into them then you are goosed.

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    you could try going to the microsoft web site and downloading the windows media player 9 codec pack and install it. If it still does not play, then maybe it is a fake.


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