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Thread: How To D/l Behind A Firewall In Bt?

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    1.I cant seem to get a good dwnload speed(.02-1.0,would ya believe&#33,and i figured it was xp's built-in firewall and my antivirus software's firewall,being ignorant about pc's tech,i just completely disabled all firewalls and now i'm dwnloading in very good speeds,BUT i'm scared of this,sooner or later,i'm sure to get a virus,trojan,worm and a hacker with this set-up.So,pls i know it has been asked before here,but i'm just too lazy to look for it and i want to start a well not so new topic,to track this.thank you.
    [SIZE=7]2.My klite++ is simply not connecting this days,at the bottom of the screen is CONNECTING.....but nothing much happening for hours.i uninstalled kpp and then i reinstalled it,but no such!

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    For Anti-Virus use AVG
    For a software based firewall use ZoneAlarm

    ZoneAlarm is simple to use, when it asks you if you want to let BT access the internet and/or act as a server, just click yes and allow it.

    Those two should do ya, forget about XPs firewall, just disable and leave the mofo B)

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    Why did you post like that ? Do you think we're blind ?

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    don't you know by typing in big font it makes it more important!


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