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Thread: Help With Bt Fiels

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    i have recently switched from kazaa to bt but i have a question. I just finished dling some games but now i have files that are .ccd, .cue, .img, and .sub with no association. is there another prog i need to play these or do i need a game console? I made sure they were pc version games but i could use some help please. Thanks

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    Most CD burning programs and CD mounting programs support these. They are CloneCD files, and if you want, get CloneCD. Its a nice program, although a little outdated.

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    is there any other prog that i can use besides would nero be alright or whats a good prog to use for this stuff?

    and what kind of cd do i want to make...a bootable?

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    1. Install Daemon Tools
    2. On the bottom of your screen there is little icon of Daemon Tools, click it.
    3. Click on "Device 0: [H:] No media" (H could also be another letter) and a window pops up.
    4. Select the disc image you want to load and click on open.

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    ok sorry im new to all of this stuff....i dled DAEMON Tools and i opened the file but im not sure which one i should use...the .cue or .ccd I opened them both up and thats all good but how am i supoes to play the game from that?

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    when you mount the image it should start to load and once it finishes you chould be good to go

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    which file tho...the ccd or the cue? i've done them both and waited about 10 mins and nothing is happening

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    it doesn't matter
    if it doesn't load right away, explore your computer and run the setup on your newly created drive

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    it wont play on my pc but thanks for ur was on the 4th cd and not the 1st like i kept doing... i installed it and when i go to play it my goes blank like its loading then just pops back to the normal screen...i'll just have to find another one...thanks ne ways

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    Mate if its droping back to the desktop,i doubt theres anything wrong with the file.Its not setup up correctly thats all.Its pointless downloading anything mate if you're just going to give up ,tri a few things and it should work.

    You'll always have little niggles mate with games & software comps etc.

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