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Thread: Kmd 2.6 And Clean Kmd 2.4.3

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    Does anyone know how i can transfer all my files in my shared folder of the add supported KMD 2.6 to my shared folder of Clean KMD 2.4.3?? Then i can delete KMD 2.6 permanately (the pop ups are annoying&#33

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    copy and past "my shared Folder" to desktop, uninstall KMD, run "kazaa begone" (google it) and then install a lovely clean build. Btw, there is a clean build of kazaa 2.6...... Link

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    Back up your files in a new folder. Uninstall KMD, clean unwanted files from your computer, run ad-aware, install new version and transfer files in to your new shared folder.

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    Ok Thanks


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