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Thread: What Are The Best Movies For Interesting Camera

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    what are the best movies for interesting camera
    shots and creative cinematography?

    i say.
    evil dead II
    a clockwork orange
    lost highway
    the arial shots from the lord of the rings
    one flew over the cuckoos nest
    natural born killers
    full metal jacket
    the shining
    ben hur
    stand by me

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    there's no end to the list of movies people could write. but here are just a few that come to mind, where the cameramen seemed particularly inspired--

    a fistful of dollars/for a few dollars more/the good the bad & the ugly
    blow out
    the rules of attraction
    delicatessen/city of lost children/amelie
    fargo (or just about any other coen bros movies)
    tokyo drifter

    a lot of people have problems with koyaanisqatsi 'cause it has quite an obvious (and somewhat clumsy, by 21st century standards) social/political slant to it-- but even if you don't agree with the vague messages it's sending, everyone should at least see it once just to soak up the amazing photography/editing.

    also, there's a french documentary about insects called "Microcosmos" that i'd highly recommend, for the quality of its cinematography. even if you're not into nature documentaries, it's still really impressive.

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    once upon a time in the west
    28 days later

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    watch snatch B)

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    Believe it or not: The Panic Room

    Watch the kitchen shot the camera goes thru a keyhole and pans all the way thru the kitchen...

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    Hm not my field, but I thought Requiem for a dream was cleverly done.

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    Fight Club

    Sam Rammi (that&#39;s his speciality).

    Peter Jackson films in general.

    The Crow

    John Woo films.

    Contact (Jodi Foster film).

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    *cough* MATRIX *cough*

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    three kings and Hero a jet li film
    i also liked how the hulk was filmed. imposed images liek teh cartoons

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    what was the robin williams movie where he&#39;s dead and in hell looking for his wife...based on Dante&#39;s Inferno?

    great visual effects though I havent seen it all the way thru

    Perhaps AI also?

    2001 space odyessy(sp&#33


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