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Thread: K++ And Avipreview

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    First; hello to all. Just ran into this forum via Andrsoft. Seems like the right place to pose my questions and keep up on the latest soup-dejour.

    I have had this problem within the last few days. If I am grabbing a video file from someone, I constantly get the error that the rendering had failed. Even after completion (be it a wmv, mpg, or avi) I cannot access it via MS Media Player 9.0 or PowerDVD. I reloaded Windows Media Player with no change.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


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    1 You may install the Kazaa Codec Pack and try again with Windows Media Player

    2 Maybe you can try VideoLAN freeware, cuz it has its own decoder for video...

    3 If the two solutions above don't work, you may bet your file is a fake...

    Hope this helps

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    Much thanks for the response.




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    Keeping with the same theme, I still cannot PREVIEW during DL. I get the following msg:

    System Reports:

    0x80040204 At least one of the pins involved in the operation is already connected"


    "Rendering failed
    System Reports:

    0x80040218 No combination of filters could be found to render the stream



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    I get the same message as your second one (NO Comination of Filters) a lot with AVI preview.

    Its a great, handy program but it is annoying when it only previews half of the files that I try it on. Most of the files play all OK with my normal player when fully downloaded. I wish that the programmer for AVI preview would make it preview more files.

    VideoLan is good for this, but I find that it has quite a few bugs in it, it often causes my machine (ME ) to hang up, it often opens up several windows, and it often will not close after its done its preview. So they still have a ways to go.


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    Actually, IF I have a problem displaying during DL with AVIPreview, I end up (lately) having a corruption (or other) problem opening the video file with either PowerDVD or MS Windows Media Player 9.x.

    Strange thing is that I CAN usually access the same affected video files with QuickTime.

    Go figure.


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    Strange thing... even after using Gspot, I still have no further clue as to why PowerDVD or MS Win Media Player 9.0 do not work. The last msg that I got from PowerDVD was:

    DVD-Video playback graph could not be built due to insufficient decoders.

    and yet, Gspot is "supposed" to detect what is not there ( or at least that is my assumption).

    Ideas? Once again


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    One file, when attempted to be opened with MS Media Player gave the following result when then opened with GSpot:

    4CC = i263
    Name = FFMpeg 1263 decode

    I have no idea what these mean. If anyone could enlighten me, it would be greatly appreciated.



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    What version of KL are you running. It does sound like these are fakes. Download Videolan (link in my sig below) and add it in to your tools so you can use it to preview - see how HERE

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    I have added VL and it works with all my my video formats. Great!

    I am, however, perplexed by the sudden amount of AVIs and MPGs that do not work either through AVIPreview, PowerDVD or Windows Media Player. Of everything that I have DL'ed in the last week through Kazaa, none work except through VL.

    Not sure what this means.

    Thanks again,


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