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Thread: Postal2

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    anybody have that game?
    or even the first one

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    I wouldnt bother downloading the 2nd game the novelty wore off in minutes i completed n Uninstalled straight away

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    Its good game , but the loading times between levels is like forever, and if you do decide to back track, you will still have to go throughth the loading times.

    Maybe the developers (Running With Scissors) have done this on purpose as to make finishing the game forever. It is so frustrating.

    Since the intiall release of the game they have actually re-released it under the name Postal2:Share The Pain, which apparently has a multiplayer option and faster transition times between levels.

    I would rather recommend Vice City!!!

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    I have a link for postal 2 share the pain ripped by DEViANCE. Been playing it all day. Since its a rip the loading times are a hell of faster. PM if you want.

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    Hi can i get this proogie too???



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