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Thread: Dvd Movies

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    Hi all I am new to burning dvd and would like to know where I can download free dvd movies from??? I have been to kazaa and got some good ones but need a few more sites thanks Annette :helpsmile:

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    I'm not sure what you're asking for exactly... websites or filesharing clients.
    Try looking at the pinned topics at the start of the forum for the majority of questions you might have.

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    Thanks Annette

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    Hi I need web sites that have free download of movies or anyone who can
    tell me how to go and what to do only a learner
    Thanks Annette

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    either will do web clients or websites Thanks Annette

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    Annette, firstly if you want to add to a previos post you can use the edit option. This keeps the size of the thread down.

    Also, please explain what you are looking for as you are on the KLite forum, and KLite is an application for sharing files, so if you want movies then use KLite to obtain them.


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