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Thread: Audio & Video Out Of Sync

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    The audio and video are out of sync on every video file I download. Anyone else have this problem?

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    If the files are XVID and you are using the wrong video codec you usually get this problem. I play all my xvid files with divx 5 and that solves it for me (unfortunatly I've had to use the 4CC code changer, all of these comes in the excellent k-lite codec pack). But what you should do first of all is download the codec pack (if you havne't already) and open the file with GSpot to see which codec the file is using, and if you have the apropriate codec installed.

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    this is what someone told me to do:

    Try making an extra partition (with Partition Magik, for instance) and install a clean windows version on it, with a mediaplayer, codecs, and videocard drivers. Now try playing those files again. I had the same problem you had, and this turned out to be the problem.

    Of course, you may also really have movies that are out of sync, in which case you need to use f.i. audiosync (or subsync, I forget) to reposition the audio.

    Worked for me, tho i got someone else to create the partition etc. cos i wasnt too sure how to

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    this can happen because of the way in which the files are encoded and the way kazaa d/l them. I have found it usefull to use virtualdub - it processes the file and informs you of and audio problems when you open the file - it may be neccasary to *rip* the audio from the avi and muliplex it back into the file. I have used this method to create mpg's source video dumdedum.divx.avi source audio dumdedum.divx.wav - i'm drunk and may need to edit this post!

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    The files are all those Friends episodes, (and some porn movies), most of which are .avi files.

    Where would one go to download the k-lite codec pack?

    Never mind... I found it.

    Thanks for all your help. Im gonna try the codec suggestion first.

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    Download page at

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    You can download the SLD codec pack which is excellent for audio/sync problems. You can get it here on Kazaa Lite.

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    Originally posted by mshirley@27 February 2003 - 18:10
    The audio and video are out of sync on every video file I download. Anyone else have this problem?
    It could just be that your computer is too slow.

    What speed is it?

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    I have the same problem.
    I created 2 partitions - on 1st Win ME and on 2nd Win XP. On ME works fine and on XP like shit. Is problem in XP ?


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