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Thread: Bittorent Download Maximum

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    How many bittorent files can one download at a time without risking cpu freeze or the blue screen of death ? I am using ABC bittorent software on a dsl 640 d -256 u

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    Nevermind telling us about the specs on ya computer..that wont help us right?

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    You should rahter think about how many files can you have downloading and uploading with your connection without getting shit speds

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    Sorry, here are my computer Specs: AsusP4t-Ei850 P4Sskt RDRAM ATX Motherboard - ATIRadeon 9600 128 MB DDR AGP 4x/8x video card - Samsung RAMBUS 256 MB 800 mhz - Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB(wd1200BB special Edition) 120Gb EIDE - AtA/100 7200rpm hard drive w/8mb buffer _Intel P4:1.9ghz 400mhz Fsb socket 478 no sdram memory) Windows XP home Edtion - Actiontec model r1524su f/w:1.60.10.o.69 modem on dsl 256 up 640 down. I dont have any problem with download speeds they are fast, but if i download more than 2 files at the same time i get the blue screen.

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    I dont think that his connection is gonna freeze his computer...more along the lines of can his cpu handle the threads and workload ..
    But a valid point never the less

    Edit...Ive used ABC on a PC far worse than yours my friend and I never had the problems that your experiencing..
    Sorry Im gonna have to bow out on this one..Are you getting that BSOD?..Is that what your talking about?
    Damn I never heard of that before

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    Yes that is what I am getting, the computer crashes and reboots !!!

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    17 isant it?
    Something like that. Not sure for ABC, and I use ABC myself


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